Book Review – Corporate Recruiter Tells All!

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

I just got my first book review in for my book Corporate Recruiter Tells All – Tips, Secrets, and Strategies to Landing Your Dream Job!

And it’s an excellent review from Forward Reviews and you can read an excerpt below!

In Corporate Recruiter Tells All, Ryan Fisher explains the tips, secrets, and strategies to landing a great job— from an insider’s perspective. He reveals the mistakes he most frequently encounters as he interacts with job-seekers, including careless resumes, unrealistic salary expectations, and failure to do their due diligence.

He bolsters his explanations with real life examples, contrasting job seekers who did it wrong and those who did it right. And he invites readers to scan the playing field from his perspective, and the perspective of a company looking to hire. How does a company minimize their risk? What kinds of stigma do certain brands carry? What’s the importance of a cover letter and how do you build a network of contacts?

Fisher is an excellent writer who conveys his arguments succinctly and clearly. As a result, Corporate Recruiter is not just helpful, it’s inspiring. It makes you want to dust off your resume, find out what you’re truly worth, and start exploring the job market. This book demands a different, more strategic approach to job seeking and offers a glimpse into the mind of a recruiter.

Fisher has created a truly useful, easy-to-read book that provides fantastic insights into the challenges associated with recruiting and how to position yourself better to find a job for which you are well suited.

To read the whole review – click here!

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