Book – Corporate Recruiter Tells All

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Corporate Recruiter Tells All –
Tips, Secrets and Strategies to Landing your Dream Job!

This book is chopped full of job hunting tips from a recruiter who has over 12 years experience, working in settings like a recruiting agency, a small company, and a large company. During that time I learned lots of strategies and secrets and I’ll share them all with you. You’ll learn what works and what to watch out for, so you can gain the inside track to the job of your choice.

The Impact

The goal of this book is to help you find and secure the job of your dreams that will enable you to realize your full potential. By supporting this book you will learn how most people can get a higher salary than what they are offered if they negotiate. I’ll show you how to figure out what you are worth and how to negotiate for the best possible salary. And I’ll also show you creative ways to get an interview even when it seems like the door is closed. I’ll also go over many more topics, like how recruiters and hiring managers review resumes and how to write a resume and cover letter that will actually get read and get you an interview. And I’ll tell you why most people don’t pass an interview and what you can do to impress the hiring manager in the interview to get you the job of your dreams!


Release Date:  

We expect the book to be available on within the next 2 weeks!