Interview Tip – Delaying Your Interview Could Cost You A Job!

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Some time ago I was recruiting for a position that was located in Southern California and I found a candidate who was living on the East Coast and desperately wanted to move back to California.  He passed 2 phone interviews and we were ready to fly him out for an in person interview on one of the days he said that he could interview on. 

When I went to confirm that date with him he wanted to push the interview back a little bit however, the manager was going out of town for a few days and the manager wanted to interview him before he went on vacation. 

I called the candidate to see what the candidate could do and he said he could make it work and that he would get back to me.  Instead of getting back to me right away he waited close to a week to get back to me and then suggested he interview when the hiring manager was back from vacation. 

And while that may sound like a reasonable request the fact that he took a week before he communicated his request to us made us realize we couldn’t count on him to take this job.  So during that week I found 2 other highly qualified candidates and 1 of those candidates got the job. 

 I’m unsure why the candidate took his time to get back to me in the first place.  But one thing is for sure, if a company was going to give me my dream job I would have made the earth move to make it to that interview and set up that interview as soon as possible.  And if I could interview as quickly as they would have liked I would have at least told them so right away and locked in a date before anyone else did.


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  1. The only reason I was, in the past, unable to go to an interview far enough away to require air travel is that I did not have the money to do so. Now, I can’t drive for medical reasons and need to have a job close enough to public transportation that I can walk to work (2 miles is about how much I would walk). Without public transportation close to where I need to go leaves me unable to get there. Depending on another person to drive me there, when they might have days off not the same as mine, is unreliable. Public transit has a schedule you can rely on all days. My job choices are quite limited. You won’t realize how much so until you are in the same predicament. Until then, you have no justifiable reason to criticize me for this matter and my choices because of it.

  2. Delaying an interview is like delaying a good job opportunities. Being professional all the time is your way to show people how responsible and serious you are to get the and perform the job.

  3. […] This should be something that is easy to do and logical, but I am still surprised by how many candidates fail at this and never make it to the interview stage. […]

  4. […] This should be something that is easy to do and logical, but I am still surprised by how many candidates fail at this and never make it to the interview stage. […]

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