About Us

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Why I am doing this:

As a recruiter I saw so many people lose their opportunity to get their dream job because of mistakes made during the hiring process.

You have no idea how many people told me they thought the interview went really well.  And shortly thereafter I would talk with the hiring manager to find out it didn’t go well and then I would have to deliver the bad news.

Or worse yet, I would be able to offer a person a position and when it came time to negotiate salary that person was asking for $10,000 or $15,000 less than what the position could pay.  At times like this I would sit on the phone praying that that person would ask for more money because I know I could have gotten it for them.

And I know the value a higher salary or a dream job could bring to a person’s life!

My Goal:

Is to empower you, the job seeker, to help you land the job of your dreams with the financial returns you deserve.   It’s out there and it’s totally possible.  I’ve done it and seen it happen a countless number of times.

How do I know all this?

As a recruiter in a given year I would:

  • Review more than 20,000 resumes
  • Speak to thousands of job seekers
  • Negotiate hundreds of job offers

With over 12 years’ experience of professional recruiter in a variety of settings, including a recruiting agency, a small business, and a publicly held Billion-Dollar Company I will show you:

  • How the recruiting process really works
  • What recruiters and hiring managers expect to see in your resume, cover letter, background, and interview
  • How recruiters and hiring managers think
  • What you should look for in an ideal company
  • How to network your way to a new career
  • How to negotiate a higher salary
  • Creative ways to get an interview even when the door is closed!
  • And much, much more!

If you want to gain a strategic advantage over everyone else out there in this competitive job market I invite you to read my book Corporate Recruiter Tells All or take advantage of one of my services like resume writing, coaching, or webinars.

Articles I’ve Written:

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Inspiyr:  How to Write A Resume:  3 Steps to Make it Great